EASYcomm EC-3

EASYcomm EC-3
Serial Control of Relay: RS232 – USB – RS485

What is the EASYcomm EC-3

The EASYcomms EC-3 is a normally open solid state relay that is user controlled via any of the industry standard communications protocols, either RS232, RS485 or USB.

Each unit is address selectable with various operating modes for maximum flexibility via a simple 10 character ASCII command set.

User commands are sent as a 10 character ASCII packet and all ten characters are required to generate a valid message in the form: < addrhi addrlo , cmnd , timhi timmi timlo >

These commands allow user control of the relay in Instant mode or Timed Delay On/Off or Timed Duration operation.

Where is the EASYcomm used

Control systems for Audio Visual, Lighting, Security, and Process, Industrial and Automation controllers all benefit from the flexible, remote switching provided by the EASYcomm.

System control software can now communicate with the on board solid state relay to provide added control and reporting options beyond basic relay capability.

How is the EASYcomm used

1. Connect the desired communications line from RS232,USB or RS485

2. Configure the 2 protocol selection switches (See AN57 above).

3. Select device with links A0 to A5 for a range of 00 to 3F (00 is global).

4. Fit a 12 VDC 500 ma regulated supply via a centre positive 2.1 mm plug.

5. Set serial data protocol to 9600 baud,8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit.

6. Send a 10 character ASCII command packet as per AN57 above.

7. Optionally receive echo back reports of command actions.

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