EASYsafe ES240-RCBO Mains Overload Protection and User Safety

Mains Overload Protection and User Safety

What is the EASYsafe

The EASYsafe is a single line mini switch board that provides a simple but effective way to protect both personnel and equipment from mains electricity faults.

The ES240-RCBO is a combination of overload circuit breaker (CB), Lightning and Over-voltage Surge Protection and Residual Current Device (RCD) in a small self contained enclosure.

No electrician is needed as the unit is connected by the user to the mains via the IEC connectors.

The EASYsafe protects users from electrocution, equipment from failure, lightning strikes, power line faults and isolates each circuit so all other installed devices remain on line and the faulty device is immediately obvious.

Where is the EASYsafe used

It is common practice to protect multiple end load circuits through a single switch board ciruit breaker backed up by RCDs.

This only translates into multiple end loads being disconnected by the operation of the protection system in the event of a fault on a single device, bringing down the entire system.

This can have a signifcant impact on end users in the event of a fault and can add a level of complexity to fault finding as well as endanger mission critical systems.

The EASYsafe protects a single circuit to the attached equipment and its user and all other installed devices remain on line.

How is the EASYsafe used

1. For surface mounting, remove the two securing screws on the front panel.

2. Affix the enclosure base via the 4 corner holes and fit the plastic covers.

3. Refit the enclosure front panel with the 2 screws from (1) above

4. Ensure that the circuit breaker switch is in the OFF (down) position.

5. Connect the IEC C14 plug to the mains 240 volt A.C. power.

6. Switch power on at the mains power wall outlet.

7. Swith the circuit breaker to the on position (UP)

8. Test the Residual Current Safety Switch as below.

9. Connect the load to the IEC C13 socket.

To ensure that the RCD Safety Switches fitted to equipment perform correctly, they must be tested at regular intervals. AS/NZS 3760 2010 recommends that each RCD be tested every three months.

To test the RCD Safety Switch press the test button on the front of the device and then release it. Pressing the test button will simulate an earth leakage fault and indicates whether the device is operating correctly.

When an RCD Safety Switch operates all power is lost to the equipment protected by the RCD. To restore power simply move the on/off switch back to the on position.

EASYsafe Specifications

  • Universal IEC mains connections, NO ELECTRICIAN needed
  • ES240-RCBO over all size 170mm x 75mm x 90mm
  • Weight approx. 250g. packaged
  • Circuit breaker overload rating 10 amp with 4500 amp breaking capacity.
  • Circuit breaker type is C curve magnetic tripping
  • Over-voltage surge current capacity: In = 20kA with Imax = 40kA
  • RCD has residual earth leakage detection of 30 ma.
  • Conforms to ASNZS 61009.1, C-tick, ROHS and CE certification.
  • Complies with Energy Safe Victoria’s additional RCBO testing and
    verification requirements as of 1st July 2018
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