Remote 240/110 Power Control

ES240-110 Remote Control of
240/110 Volt Mains Power

What is the EASYswitch

The ability to switch 240 volt or 110 volt mains power safely and simply is achieved by this locally made, fully approved device. The EASYswitch provides on – off control of the mains between its industry standard universal IEC power connectors.

Control contacts do not need extra licenced electrical wiring to power mains equipment.

Requiring only a volts free contact closure to switch the full mains supply, it can be operated from kilometres away over basic telephone wire by a simple switch, relay contact or open collector transistor as used in controllers, A/V and Security equipment.

Rugged relay capacity of 1 pole 16A, 1 form C (CO) contact for inrush peak currents up to 30A maximum for 4 seconds.

With user selectable mains supply (240V or 110V), and selectable
output supply via IEC connectors of normally open (NO) or normally
closed, (NC), designers and installers need stock only one device for
universal power control. Multiple Operation Modes as Below.

Where is the EASYswitch used

Audio, Home Theatre, Lighting, Security and Automation equipment all benefit from the remote switching provided by the EASYswitch

Legally and safely switch mains power without electrician wiring. 1000’s are in use throughout Australia by the electrical and electronic industry.

How is the EASYswitch used

01. Connect the IEC C14 plug to the mains 240 volt A.C.power.

02. Connect the load to the IEC C13 socket.

03. Attach signal wire or similar to the control terminals.

04. Run the control wire to the remote switch mechanism.

05. Switch on source of 24O volt power.

06. GREEN LED indicates power on and the load de-energised.

07. Short remote control contacts terminals of the EASYswitch.

08. RED LED indicates active out and the load energised.

EASYswitch Specifications

  • Universal IEC mains connections
  • Controller size 146mm x 67mm x 45mm
  • Weight approx. 300g. packaged
  • Contact electrical life 2 x 105operations @ 240 VAC 16A resistive load, derate accordingly for inductive and capacitive loads.
  • Contact capacity: Inrush peak current up to 30A maximum for 4 seconds.
  • Voltage free control line contacts require switching capability of 24VDC open circuit and 3mA closed. Maximum control line resistance 10K ohm.
  • Complies with: AS/NZS 3197:2005, C-tick, ROHS and CE certification.
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